Hi-Tech Wood

Partnering digital technologies and hi-tech wood construction was an obvious solution for the initiators of Wikibuilding. This material unites Fab-Lab production, the digital manufacturer plant of LINEAZEN, the commitment to sustainability by the developer REI, and the consideration of low-energy regulations and functional quality by the architects at HOST.

Low carbon footprint and quality of life

On a planetary level, cities are responsible for 70% of greenhouse gases according to UN-Habitat and Climate Change. A large portion of these emissions comes from the construction sector. However, one radical solution exists for inversing this trend—the carefully researched and widespread use of wood in building construction. This solution has clear advantages in terms of carbon footprint as well as quality of life. It is indeed a paradox that the wood industry is not better developed considering the urgency of environmental challenges.

Calling for an evolution in building material usage

By means of the media coverage of competitions such as Réinventer Paris and innovative programs such as Wikibuilding, the project team hopes to accelerate the global transition towards using wood more heavily as a building material.
The technology used by LINEAZEN allows for 40% more mechanical performance than traditional wood, while respecting or even surpassing technical expectations such as fire resistance and thermal and acoustic insulation.

100% Sustainable Construction

Wood is the only building material that is 100% sustainable and the only material that stocks CO². All of the wood used in the construction of the Wikibuilding will have the certification PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) and, like all the structures built by REI and LINEAZEN, it will be harvested from forests that are managed sustainably. The project will conform to guidelines set by certification organizations including the CSTB (Scientific and Technical Centre for Building) and the governmental office for construction supervision (the Bureau de controle).

Rapid and adaptable construction

The Wikibuilding will incorporate four different building materials—wood (70%), brick, raw concrete, and glass. Beech CLT-C (Cross Laminated Timber Composite) construction, as developed by LINEAZEN, allows for rapid and clean construction of tall buildings (8 floors or more). The all-in-one aspect of this solution (structure, insulation, and waterproofing) and its rapid assembly will allow for the Wikibuilding to combine the aesthetic qualities of wood with performance, security, production efficiency, and comfort of use.

REI’s choice to build collective housing with wood construction is a progressive step for the city of tomorrow. This choice breaks with habitual methodology but it is very important because it responds to contemporary challenges on an architectural, social, and economical level.

Paul Jarquin
President of REI France, commercial developer

The use of wood structure corresponds well to a commitment to sustainability, which is of utmost importance for Wikibuilding.

Pascal Toussaint
Technical Director of Lineazen