The collaborative process of Wikibuilding was initiated in April through the launch of an online survey. In the future, the digital tool of collective intelligence named Unlimited Cities and an interactive 3D model will be used together to evaluate the insertion of the building on site…


First exchanges about possible uses

The Wikibuilding was developed collaboratively and we would like to begin this adventure by asking 7 questions…. Thank you for your time, we will use your contributions to create a building that is better adapted to the diversity of your lives and experiences. You will be able to see the results of the questionnaire in real-time, immediately after having finished the survey.

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Unlimited Cities

Survey of Public Imagination

(coming soon)

For Reinventer Paris, we are adapting this visual, interactive tool in order to get both professionals and the community involved at the very moment when urban and architectural projects need to be defined. This digital application of collective intelligence will be deployed in the neighborhood of the WikiBuilding.
Learn more about Unlimited Cities

Interactive 3D Model

Test different architectural options

We are going to make use of the Web CityEngine viewer, which was introduced by our partner ESRI, a global leader of geographical information systems. This tool will allow for you to evaluate and to comment on different building variants and their insertion on site. The platform prefigures the potential of future 3D visualization tools that will be accessible to everyone from the very beginning of a project and that will allow us to create new relationships between professionals and citizens.
Learn more about CityEngine

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